Carlos with a calm face and great curly hair



Phillina smiling in long braids with pink accents



Alex smiling at the camera in a bright red t-shirt.



Nyrell with a big smile and bright red sweatshirt

Nyrell Wright

Recreational Co-Co

Headshot of Joseph Dasilveira

Joseph Dasilveira

Yearlong Programming Co-Coordinator

Philina Bueh

Programming Co-Coordinator

Christie in glasses smiling slightly

Christie Sainterlien

Restorative Justice Co-coordinator

Adriel posing for the camera in a blue-checked button-up shirt.

Adriel Falowo

Youth Action Board Co-coordinator

Headshot of Gloria Olubowale

Gloria Olubowale


Hey I’m Gloria and I am a Co-coordinator at Youth in Action. I am a junior in high school and I am so excited to be part of the YIA team. YIA  has helped me grow so much since I’ve joined this organization and gave me the confidence to lead in my community. This space not only inspired me to create a change in my community, but provided me with a comfortable space to be myself. Overall I can’t wait to start programming and connect with youth. 🙂

Headshot of Jaden Reyes

Jaden Reyes

Board Member

Jaden is in his second year serving on the Board and is a Senior year at Alvarez. Jayden played a crucial role in keeping the work at Alvarez and Core connected, and was so energized by the workshops he was part of he practically led them, even though it was his first time experiencing them. He embodies the family and connection values of YIA and is also a leader of the Alvarez chapter of GA (Gentlemen’s Academy) because of his ability to bring energy and youth together. Now that he’s on the board, he wants to make sure everyone knows to refer to him as “el jefe” (the boss).